Meet the Team

Lucid is a group of passionate designers ready to take your dreams to the next level.

Michael Lindars


Michael is unapologetically a product of his time. He speaks in 1960′s-style beatnik slang and acts much like a stereotypical 1960′s teenager. He can often be seen playing guitar or traveling cross-country in his dune buggy.

Melissa Sandstrom

Design Extraordinar

Melissa is a mountain beauty with the soul of a tomboy. She can throw a fastball as well as “rassle” most men to a fall, and she can be as tender with her friends, animals, and family as she is tough with anyone she rassles. Melissa is squired about by eager young Hollywood actors with stage names like “Dash Riprock” and “Bolt Upright”.

Lance C. Wong

Design Ninja

Lance spent his early life as Hawaii’s premier Elvis Presley impersonator. To this day, he often dresses like Elvis at work. Outside of the office Lance has been known to end up in bizarre situations and predicaments, and is often be found accompanied by celebrities such as Adam West and Donny Osmond.

Kurt Rasos

Digital Mastermind

Kurt the awkward, curious, and good-spirited Everyman. He’s funny in any language, Kurt’s antics always communicate. Kurt is cheerful, eternally loyal, and always willing to help his friends. He has a gentle, childlike innocence and wonder about the world around him. And, perhaps most important, Kurt always assumes the best about his fellow man.

Michelle Hoffman

Brand Strategist

Michelle has a sharp, sarcastic sense of humor and has been known to make jokes about the team either to their faces or under her breath, but most of the time she usually gets along with everybody.

Sachin Nigam

Web Guru

After releasing his debut solo album, which was an instant rap hit, Sachin decided to step out of the media spotlight and focus on his career behind the scenes in back-end web development.

Sumana Iyengar

Nerd Wrangler

Throughout her various incarnations, Sumana is as a highly intelligent young woman with highly specific interests in design and smiling. Her catchphrases are: “Jinkies!,” “Jeepers!”

Who Are We?

Lucid is innovative, united and balanced between the new and the nostalgic. We endeavor to help clients find a renewed sense of pride in their own insights. We are not just designers, but dreamers, inventors, visionaries. We are thrifty, while sophisticated, reasonable while stylish. We are the creators of your dream, and you are an active participant.

We Are Lucid.

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