Our take on packaging for a brand new take on a simple snack food. The packaging we designed is fun and vintage inspired, perfect for a sustainable snack that is supportive of local farmers & ranchers. ‹ Back to work

The team at Pettyjohn Electronics came to us with an amazing studio grade circuit board. The team at Lucid ran with Pettyjohn’s inspirations and designed a vintage inspired over the top antiqued metal housing with vintage knobs and stainless steel accents. Lucid also created the branding, packaging, website, motion graphics, and online graphic advertisements for this award winning, premium grade pedal. VIEW WEBSITE ‹ Back to work

Pioneer Courthouse Square is one of PDX’s go to destinations and is known as Portland’s Living Room. We recently refreshed the Square's branding and updated the website with a fresh new look. For the past few years, Lucid has been constantly designing and updating graphics for the Square's promotional materials and annual events including Flicks on the Bricks, Festival of Flowers and the Christmas Tree Lighting event. VIEW WEBSITE ‹ Back to work

Viso creates energy drinks that deliver more than just caffeine, they also deliver 100% of your daily vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes. What truly sets Viso apart in the competitive sea of energy drinks is branding. This local favorite has drawn an international following of super-fans. For the past 10 years, Lucid has been consistent with graphic updates and revamps needed to keep Viso's look current and exciting. Lucid is in charge of the overall identity, package, and website design and development for Viso. VIEW WEBSITE ‹ Back to work